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Volunteer Work

This year, Clemson Women's Rugby is prioritizing volunteering and giving back to our community. The Clemson area supports us every day, and this is our way of saying thank you. Below is a description of where we volunteer, why we do, and some fun pictures of our players giving back. If you'd like more information on these places, each of their websites are linked!


Helping Hands Thrift Shop

Helping Hands of Clemson Thrift store is located in Central, SC. Helping Hands is a children’s home that provides kids with a safe, comfortable place to live. Our team chose to volunteer at their thrift store because the donations and purchases made at the store are a big part of funding the children’s home. For more information, here is the helping hands website:

Oconee Humane Society

Oconee Humane Society is located in Seneca, SC. Our team has volunteered at Oconee Humane in previous years, and it was important to us that we return to help out this year. Oconee Humane is a local shelter that takes great care of their animals. We have been able to help with PetSmart adoptions, walking the animals, baths, and more. For more information, here is the Oconee Humane website:


Safe Haven Exotics Rescue

Safe Haven Exotics Rescue is located in Easley, SC. They are a permanent shelter for exotic animals that have been lost or abandoned.This has also been a great opportunity for the animal lovers on the team, and we have been able to spend time with some of the insanely cool animals. For more information, here is the Safe Haven website:

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